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a very limited time Another problem - that the books' publisher plans, you can subscribe to a very limited time, sometimes it's just one day. More precisely, this is the case: when you take the "directory", there are some books have already crossed out - they are no longer taking orders. Miss the bus, we had to come sooner! as soon as the catalogs come in the shop - so soon! I do not understand why they could not take as many orders as possible and print as many books as you want - all the benefits and everyone is happy. But the system worked for non-economic principles, so was arranged Scoop. It was still there were several times that I have forged these cards, like this.Similar Posts:
  • When you receive catalogs, or publishing plans, the store like a beehive gudezh. Then you take a pack of blank cards and turn over the pages directories (the directories are also all but a small, say half an hour). Every book that is in the directory you like (and there title, author, and brief annotation)
  • While not forgotten, write, and then scoops it will say it was not so. General knowledge about the Soviet Union very quickly once lost and distorted, even quite recently. So, how in the late USSR selling technical books. My memories relate to the 1987-1990 years, and how long such a system existed I do not know. Describing
  • Radio engineering One of variants of the decision of a question of the second computer Problem statement Once I had a problem of shortage of house computers. Children have grown up and to the only thing house to artificial reason» turns began to be built. By itself the thought on acquisition of one more computer at floor price
  • Depending on external factors or following the set program, change capacity of work of a copper. Thereby the effective expenditure of fuel is reached. Buderus offers modular control system Logamatic. Pogodozavisimoe, remote management of heating, programming of various temperature modes at various times days, maintenance of constant temperature indoors – here only a part of
  • When Michael Timofeev has published in the blog sherhaan three articles about electronic books, I could not pass by, because very well I remember the shock which has occurred to me one year ago when friends have written to me that my books have laid out for free downloading. I sometimes re-read that post and

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