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publishing plans When you receive catalogs, or publishing plans, the store like a beehive gudezh. Then you take a pack of blank cards and turn over the pages directories (the directories are also all but a small, say half an hour). Every book that is in the directory you like (and there title, author, and brief annotation) is written on a separate card and add your home address. So an hour or two poking around with a folder, and then these cards give away the store. They arrive as soon as the book (well, that is next year), will send you your card. And not only send, but still put on a postcard printing shop, and this book will hold for you, they will not release it is available for sale a few days. On a postcard, they write, to what the numbers will keep the book for you if you do not have time to buy, then they will lay it on the counter is available for sale.Similar Posts:
  • While not forgotten, write, and then scoops it will say it was not so. General knowledge about the Soviet Union very quickly once lost and distorted, even quite recently. So, how in the late USSR selling technical books. My memories relate to the 1987-1990 years, and how long such a system existed I do not know. Describing
  • I will hand over by the day, for the weekend, holidays, for birthday carrying out etc. The second floor of the house. The house is in settlement Molokovo, 10 km from MKAD on the Domodedovsky line. It is possible to reach on a fixed-route taxi from m. Domodedovsky (time in a way about 20 minutes). The area
  • Another problem that the books publisher plans, you can subscribe to a very limited time, sometimes its just one day. More precisely, this is the case: when you take the directory, there are some books have already crossed out they are no longer taking orders. Miss the bus, we had to come sooner!
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  • The reader wants to receive only the qualitative literature, cheaply or free of charge, the second variant even is better, without reflecting that nobody will write free of charge good books, and thus the electronic book kills the literature on a root that subsequently will lead to global decrease in mental abilities of a society.

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