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technologically In Russia Prius comes in two complexion: Elegance for 1.1 million rubles and prestige of 1.35 million. The main difference between the equipment: LED headlights, navigation, leather seats, rain sensors and lights, climate control and bluetooth. Prius is beautiful with its uniqueness. He attracts the attention of others, he is comfortable and reliable as is supposed to be a Toyota car. He is the most technologically and stuff with all the modern electronic systems under the string (up to options in the form of solar panels on the roof, which feed the climate control to air in the cabin did not stand in the parking lot, but in Russia such a complete set do not carry). The only problem is buying Prius in Russia lies in the fact that our government does not encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient cars, as it is done in civilized countries. And yet our society does not think about environmental problems in principle. And even conscious people understand that their personal contribution to the care of the environment will not be visible against the background of avtohlama who drives on our roads, not udovlyatvoryaya any environmental standards. In any case, this is a great car for city traffic jams. Buying a Prius is primarily a branding thing, and proud that you are the owner of high-tech and environmentally friendly car. But do not be surprised if the public does not understand your choice.Similar Posts:
  • Y is average daughter in a class in an English school, learn three pretty shestiletochki-triplets, two girls and a boy. These clever, such friendly They killed my father yesterday. Crashed on a motorcycle. I do not know the details, I just tears in his eyes. Turns out to be here in Australia was killed, and
  • Left in the corner projection screen control buttons on the windshield (shown in video below). Climatic setting has no zoning, but uses a completely electric air conditioning. As an option, it is possible to run the cooling compartment remotely with remote control (not in this set). More information about the media system. Navigation Coverage
  • Compared with the previous generation Prius has remained behind with virtually no major changes. Similar lights and beveled glass tailgate in two parts with a spoiler. Visual absence pipe exhaust system hints at the loyal attitude of the car to the environment. Prius received the highest popularity in the U.S., and this is their main market.
  • In fact, the market of hybrid cars, there are two big players: Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Of course, there are other models of hybrids, but I will not enumerate them, because they are much less popular and well known. Both models are available in the late 90s, mainly for the U.S. market and Europe.
  • For clarity, I made a circuit that will understand the operation of the hybrid drive. In fact, the design is very simple. From left to us is a gasoline engine, which is connected to the first motor-generator. On the right we have is a second, the traction motor-generator. It is connected to an inverter, which

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