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Tests in Moscow traffic Tests in Moscow traffic jams showed more interesting results. If you drive safely at a flow rate, stuck in traffic jams (no matter what - at bus stops gasoline engine is shut off, so you can at least several hours to stand still with zero fuel consumption) and absolutely not to worry about fuel economy will flow 5,5-6 liters 100 kilometers. If you ride fast, with frequent accelerations, then get the average consumption of more than 7,5-8 liters per 100 kilometers would be extremely difficult. Most importantly - do not forget the brakes to recharge the battery. Will assume that the average annual mileage of a model car owner is 30 thousand kilometers. Conventional machines of comparable power (gasoline engine 2 liter with automatic transmission) combined with a predominance of city traffic in traffic jams will consume 10 liters per 100 kilometers. Prius under similar conditions show consumption of about 6 liters per 100 kilometers. If we assume that the cost of one liter of 95 octane gasoline is 25 rubles, the annual savings when using Prius will be only 30 thousand rubles.Similar Posts:
  • Ready indicator means that the machine wound up, while gasoline engine is put in a parking lot just in case the battery is low. Tachometer is missing, took the economizer, hinting optimal motion with minimum fuel consumption. Fuel consumption over 10 liters for the Prius from the realm of science fiction (conventionally). Salon is
  • Onboard computer shows the scale of consumption with five-minute intervals. Small cars accrued bonuses for the effective use of a hybrid setup, you can collect on braking. I did some research to identify the actual fuel consumption. When driving on cruise control on a relatively flat route with no elevation difference, got following values: Speed 60
  • Power 98 hp gasoline engine and traction motor 79 hp. At the same time, the total capacity of the hybrid drive is 136 hp. The loss of horsepower due to the fact that part of the moment with the gasoline engine continuously to the first motor-generator. But, as shown by the failed experiment, battery state
  • In Russia Prius comes in two complexion: Elegance for 1.1 million rubles and prestige of 1.35 million. The main difference between the equipment: LED headlights, navigation, leather seats, rain sensors and lights, climate control and bluetooth. Prius is beautiful with its uniqueness. He attracts the attention of others, he is comfortable and reliable as is supposed
  • Minimum, which managed to squeeze enthusiasts from the Prius 1.73 liters per 100 kilometers in the urban mode. To this end, the tire pressure was raised to 5 atmospheres. The trunk is large with easy access. Under the floor lies dokatka and rather spacious drawer for small items. On each side of a huge niche

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