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Speed 60 km Onboard computer shows the scale of consumption with five-minute intervals. Small cars - accrued bonuses for the effective use of a hybrid setup, you can "collect" on braking. I did some research to identify the actual fuel consumption. When driving on cruise control on a relatively flat route with no elevation difference, got following values: Speed 60 km / h - 3 100 km Speed 70 km / h - 3,5 l/100 km Speed 90 km / h - 4,5 l/100 km Speed 120 km / h - 6,5 l/100 km Speed 135 km / h - 7,5 l/100 km Of course, in this mode hybrid setup is not working as planned and actual consumption is determined by the fuel-efficient gasoline engine and a coefficient of drag (for a speed of 90 km / h and above). Any modern turbo diesel on the road show comparable consumption figures (for example, BMW 123d).Similar Posts:
  • Tests in Moscow traffic jams showed more interesting results. If you drive safely at a flow rate, stuck in traffic jams (no matter what at bus stops gasoline engine is shut off, so you can at least several hours to stand still with zero fuel consumption) and absolutely not to worry about fuel economy
  • Ready indicator means that the machine wound up, while gasoline engine is put in a parking lot just in case the battery is low. Tachometer is missing, took the economizer, hinting optimal motion with minimum fuel consumption. Fuel consumption over 10 liters for the Prius from the realm of science fiction (conventionally). Salon is
  • Lets start with a hybrid powerplant. Under the hood is a gasoline engine of 1.8 liters (in the past generation used motor with a capacity of 1,5 l), two motor-generators, planetary gear and an inverter. The battery is located behind the rear seat backs, underfloor luggage compartment. The gasoline engine runs on the Atkinson
  • In fact, the market of hybrid cars, there are two big players: Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Of course, there are other models of hybrids, but I will not enumerate them, because they are much less popular and well known. Both models are available in the late 90s, mainly for the U.S. market and Europe.
  • How does it work? At the start of work only drive motor, if necessary, it automatically connects to the gasoline engine. His starts the first motor-generator, which makes it very smoothly and quietly through the regulation of rotation speed. Moment from the gasoline engine is transmitted to the planetary gear as well (!) On the


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