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automatic transmission Vehicle Dynamics easiest to compare with the trolley. Quiet and constant acceleration from any speed. Acceleration to 100 km / h - 11.5 seconds (10.5 seconds on the passport). Feels like a car with a class of two-liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission. For safe driving dynamics sufficiently. The central tunnel is excellent. On top of it very comfortably rests his right hand. But why the power button heat seats placed in this niche, near an electrical outlet, cigarette lighter? So uncomfortable stretch to turn it on. Multifunctional armrest - moving out back to turn in cup holder, or rises to access the box. Very cool air has a function of the closure, without uslozheniya design redundant elements. Enabling retsikrulyatsii button on the steering wheel Toyota engineers have obviously assembled in a BMW, but the buttons for temperature change is clearly unnecessary and useless.Similar Posts:
  • Minimum, which managed to squeeze enthusiasts from the Prius 1.73 liters per 100 kilometers in the urban mode. To this end, the tire pressure was raised to 5 atmospheres. The trunk is large with easy access. Under the floor lies dokatka and rather spacious drawer for small items. On each side of a huge niche
  • The cabbage, carrots, potato, beet … – rises in price all!. Grechka – a delicacy … Kg grechki for 150 and more roubles!. Products rise in price not only in Russia. In February the world prices for foodstuff have reached a new maximum. Expensive grechka. The prices for foodstuff break records One of the reasons – a drought in
  • It should be noted that in the pursuit of a minimum flow rate should also include wind, road surface, air temperature and pressure in the tires. All tests were conducted at a temperature of 5 degrees in the winter studded tires with a pressure of 2.5 atm. The video shows the operation of the system using
  • What components of the selling complete set of eaves? Except the eaves-holder the complete set can include various decorative elements: arms, tips-flerony, ljuversy, clip-on earrings, rings. Always demountable and you at will of them can replace tips. After all designers recommend not to be limited to one kind of a drapery on all cases. Better
  • Left in the corner projection screen control buttons on the windshield (shown in video below). Climatic setting has no zoning, but uses a completely electric air conditioning. As an option, it is possible to run the cooling compartment remotely with remote control (not in this set). More information about the media system. Navigation Coverage

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