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economizer Ready indicator means that the machine "wound up", while gasoline engine is put in a parking lot just in case the battery is low. Tachometer is missing, took the economizer, hinting optimal motion with minimum fuel consumption. Fuel consumption over 10 liters for the Prius from the realm of science fiction (conventionally). Salon is particularly interesting in the details. Glove compartment of the two branches is very similar to analogous cases for luggage on airplanes. With the gradual opening and snaps at the closing. Some screens of media system. And the options are displayed on the central display. Round two images overlap with the corresponding buttons on the steering wheel and activated by touch. On the right a few screens: the energy monitor, showing where the energy goes between the motor, wheels and battery; indicator of a hybrid setup, as it advanced economizer, as well as schedules of fuel over the intervals and the last 5 minutes (work in real time can be seen in the video below ).Similar Posts:
  • Minimum, which managed to squeeze enthusiasts from the Prius 1.73 liters per 100 kilometers in the urban mode. To this end, the tire pressure was raised to 5 atmospheres. The trunk is large with easy access. Under the floor lies dokatka and rather spacious drawer for small items. On each side of a huge niche
  • Left in the corner projection screen control buttons on the windshield (shown in video below). Climatic setting has no zoning, but uses a completely electric air conditioning. As an option, it is possible to run the cooling compartment remotely with remote control (not in this set). More information about the media system. Navigation Coverage
  • Deserves a separate review of brake system. When you press the brake pedal in the first hybrid propulsion system switches over to energy recovery. Thus, much of the energy that an ordinary car goes into heating of brake pads and discs, is converted into electricity that is stored in the battery. With more than slam
  • Vehicle Dynamics easiest to compare with the trolley. Quiet and constant acceleration from any speed. Acceleration to 100 km / h 11.5 seconds (10.5 seconds on the passport). Feels like a car with a class of two-liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission. For safe driving dynamics sufficiently. The central tunnel is excellent. On
  • Depending on external factors or following the set program, change capacity of work of a copper. Thereby the effective expenditure of fuel is reached. Buderus offers modular control system Logamatic. Pogodozavisimoe, remote management of heating, programming of various temperature modes at various times days, maintenance of constant temperature indoors – here only a part of

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