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LED optics LED optics (details below). On rims wearing aerodynamic shields. Look honestly so-so. In practice, their presence reduces the fuel consumption of only 1-2 per cent. More correct to make them fully closed, but if there is a problem of cooling brakes. Main novovedenie for the 2010 model year - LED headlights. Block lamp consists of several modules. Above is a position lamp (surprisingly with a halogen lamp), right - a classic module beam with a reflector and a halogen lamp. Middle light is divided into three modules. Two linzovannyh module, which give a clear and focused light beam into the distance. Above them, a module of the scattered light to illuminate the space near the vehicle. The front turn signals made on the bumper, next to protuvotumannymi headlights. The total power consumption of the section beam - 33 watts, which is comparable with conventional xenon. But between the huge difference in light intensity. Light on the head and shoulders above any, best xenon.Similar Posts:
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