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In Malaga on streets leave about 6000 women who have organised the symbolical protest against a cancer of a breast.

In Galicia manifestantki there are on streets under the slogan “We for improvement of quality of life of women!”

(On a photo on the right – active workers of feminist movement exult in honour of acceptance pralamentom the next feministic law. Over their heads – the gesture symbolising feminism.)

The secretary of ruling Socialist party on communications with social movements of Pedro Serolo (Pedro Zerolo, secretario de Movimientos Sociales y Relaciones con las ONG del PSOE) last year and itself became "feminist" literally words: it has joined the procession organised on international women's day by the Madrid Female Assembly (Asamblea Feminista de Madrid) and urged men to take part in the protest against “man's usages” … Such is Spain!

I will remind readers that historically on March, 8th is a day memories of 129 working women of linen factory in New York, victims on March, 25th, 1911 on a fire in struggle for improvement of working conditions.

The very first official holiday in support of the rights of the woman has been spent in 1909 on February, 28th in the United States thanks to corresponding declaration by the proclaimed Socialist party of America. Year before the Social democratic organisation of New York has held meeting in protection of the rights of women, this day more than 15000 women have walked a march through all city, demanding shorter working day and equal repayment terms with men, including women demanded the right to vote. This meeting has been spent on March, 8th, 1908, in honour of a march of the protest of working women of cotton-mills of New York, spent on March, 8th, 1857.

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