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the hybrid drive For clarity, I made a circuit that will understand the operation of the hybrid drive. In fact, the design is very simple. From left to us is a gasoline engine, which is connected to the first motor-generator. On the right we have is a second, the traction motor-generator. It is connected to an inverter, which in turn connects to the battery and the first motor-generator. Centered is a planetary transmission, which summarizes the flow of power from the left and right and passes the time on the gearbox and main transmission to the wheels. Planetary gear completely replaces the gear box and works on the principle of stepless variator.Similar Posts:
  • How does it work? At the start of work only drive motor, if necessary, it automatically connects to the gasoline engine. His starts the first motor-generator, which makes it very smoothly and quietly through the regulation of rotation speed. Moment from the gasoline engine is transmitted to the planetary gear as well (!) On the
  • Power 98 hp gasoline engine and traction motor 79 hp. At the same time, the total capacity of the hybrid drive is 136 hp. The loss of horsepower due to the fact that part of the moment with the gasoline engine continuously to the first motor-generator. But, as shown by the failed experiment, battery state
  • Lets start with a hybrid powerplant. Under the hood is a gasoline engine of 1.8 liters (in the past generation used motor with a capacity of 1,5 l), two motor-generators, planetary gear and an inverter. The battery is located behind the rear seat backs, underfloor luggage compartment. The gasoline engine runs on the Atkinson
  • Left in the corner projection screen control buttons on the windshield (shown in video below). Climatic setting has no zoning, but uses a completely electric air conditioning. As an option, it is possible to run the cooling compartment remotely with remote control (not in this set). More information about the media system. Navigation Coverage
  • It should be noted that in the pursuit of a minimum flow rate should also include wind, road surface, air temperature and pressure in the tires. All tests were conducted at a temperature of 5 degrees in the winter studded tires with a pressure of 2.5 atm. The video shows the operation of the system using

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