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Russia do not love

The poll spent by the World service of BBC in 27 countries, has shown that for last year the relation to Russia everywhere, except China, improved. However the balance remains not in its advantage — only 34 % interrogated have expressed to Russia positive opinion, and 38 % — negative. This theme is discussed on bbcrussian. Com Most warmly concern Russia in India (58 % of positive opinions against 18 % negative), and is the most cool — in Germany (20 % against 58 %) and almost as much in France.

Positive and negative opinions of Americans on Russia were divided approximately fifty-fifty (38 % against 41 % accordingly). And Russians have sharply changed the sight at influence of the USA in the world: if in 2010 it was considered by fatal 50 %, in 2011 — only 31 % (38 % approve it). As a whole in 2007 the United States were one of the most unpopular countries. Since then they have considerably improved the image though them still dislike in mainly Muslim countries, including in Turkey more likely. Pariahs and favourites And close the list with the lowest ratings which besides continue to fall, — Iran, the North Korea and Pakistan. During poll also it was found out that a prize of world sympathies — at Canada and Germany. They are followed by Great Britain (58 % of positive opinions against 17 % negative). The relation of people worldwide to Brazilians and South Africans fastest improves. The respect for Brazil has sharply increased after democratic transition of the power from president Lula yes Silvas to Dilme Russef, the first woman-president in the history of the country. For the past year the number of the people positively estimating influence of this country in the world has grown from 40 % to 49 %. And the world is grateful to Southern Africa for successful carrying out of the World championship of 2010 on football.

Poll has been held by request of the World service of BBC by sociological service GlobeScan, the Program on studying of relations on a world policy (Pipa) and University of Maryland. In it have taken part from December, 2010 till February 2011 more than 28 thousand persons. As a whole people began to be kindly favourable disposed to other countries more.

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