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Then I have pasted a counterbalance to tonarmu.

Cable couplers perfectly approach for time fixing in the necessary position. With the pasted counterbalance the sound became more dense (became more "meat"). Teper when all works perfectly, it is possible to apply to tonarmu impregnation C37*.

It is possible to change a sound, using various kinds of wood for tonarma and a counterbalance. The initial pre-production model has been made of a pine and-or a fir-tree. Thus, it is possible to experiment constantly in balance search between hardness of wood and its weight.

Do not pay attention to rough processing of surfaces and details tonarma. It nevertheless handwork. Certainly, it cannot be better, than expensive machining but if you have time and patience, you can make not tonarm, and "candy".

Good luck in creativity!!

Postscript: * Impregnation C37 has improved sound characteristics ready tonarma to level as which I considered unattainable when began this project.

The note of the translator: How much I have understood, impregnation С37 is applied at manufacturing of violins.

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