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The given group specialises in the market in directions:

» Working out of projects of telecommunications and installation the Internet, TV and a telephony (companies "SMARTS", "Vinteleport", "Datagrup");

» Working out of design of a landscape and granting of services;

» Manufacture, installation of windows;

» Installation of doors;

» Manufacture and installation of fences, tiles;

» Chinks, wells – brigades.

From the third group it is allocated two directions which develop rough rates: telecommunication services and replacement of windows. The companies specialising on these directions, put considerable means in advancement. For example, company, having branches in other areas of Ukraine, will involve in the city of Vinnitsa all possible channels of communications with the potential consumer: the press, radio, TV, outdoor advertising, actions, distribution of flyers, sponsorship, the Internet etc. Says that fact About efficiency of publicity of company that from all named consumers of the market of building of the companies, only "Korsa" has collected a significant amount of votes. Besides a mass advertising campaign, methods of work with the potential client the same, as in the second group: a call and-or office visiting, definition of a problem of the client, order calculation, an advance payment and departure of experts on object. Managers on work with the client notice that people come under recommendations (approximately 60 %), image of the company, liderskie positions and active advertising plays a considerable role.

The companies specialising on telecommunication services, put considerable means in new technologies and geographical expansion around the city. Advertising campaigns have no mass character, but means in qualitative polygraphy, outdoor advertising and loyalty programs are put.

The analytics on Vinnitsa researches is prepared by Marketingovo-analytical Group (MAGICIAN) by request of company Bud_velna is glad»

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