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Whether will please an eye the former hotel Oriental carpet?

To buy clothes with Tsoy Vot already almost one and a half year, since August 2009, in the centre of Jerusalem, nearby to the Old city hotel "Uoldorf-Astoria" is under construction. The architect of the project of Ian Bader (Ian Bader) has used the same method fasadizma which was applied at reconstruction of quarter by Mamila, being opposite. The new hotel of the higher class will be packed"into a historical facade.

Before behind this facade too there was a hotel, well-known Jerusalem "Oriental carpet". This hotel – a monument of an epoch of the British mandate which has begun in 1922. Then Jerusalem which was until then a remote city on suburb of Ottoman empire, became suddenly capital podmandatnoj Palestin. Then the building boom in which Jews and Arabs aspired to overtake each other has begun.

Building of that, old, hotel "Oriental carpet" head of a numerous clan of Hussejni Hadzh Amin al financed Hussejni (1893-1974). On its plan magnificent and extremely comfortable hotel on times of that time should transform Jerusalem into the major centre of the Muslim world. That, undoubtedly, would give weight to a clan of Hussejni which supervised for a long time Jerusalem and its vicinities. Everything that occurred here, anyhow infringed on interests of a clan which for this reason has been adjusted rather in opposition to any authorities.

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