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I will hand over apartment by the day m. The Tula 1 m. Of the item with the conditioner. Tula

The modern spacious 1-roomed apartment 2 minutes on foot from the m item Tula surrenders by the day. 5th floor 14 floor houses. A pure entrance, protection. In a room: a new double bed, 2 sleeping folding sofa, the TV, DVD, a journal table. Placing to 4 persons (2+2). The allocated line the Internet. In kitchen: 2 chamber hol-to, el. A teapot, a set of necessary ware, a dining table, chairs. There is a washing car-automatic machine. Bed-clothes, towels. After each client it is made sanobrabotka apartments.


From 3х days-2300r,

From 10 days-2200r,

From 25 days-1900r

By the day apartment Textile workers

I will hand over apartment by the day m. Textile workers 2 000 rub a day. In apartment it is pure, cosy, there is all necessary for residing: c/у separately, telev, the car stir-car, a cold, post-linen. The mistress, without the commission.

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