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Trust estimation to specialised editions and actions for building

The final analysis of the block of the questionnaire «knowledge of the market» is presented by the analysis of an estimation of trust respondents to specialised editions and actions for building. Results are reflected in the table in percentage.

Editions, actions At all

I trust More likely not

I trust How much

I trust,


Also is not present More likely

I trust Completely

I trust

Advertising blocks in a press 5,5 13,3 30,8 39,5 11,0

Specialised magazines 8,0 14,3 29,3 39,0 9,5

Subject programs on TV 6,3 12,8 31,0 38,0 12,0

Specialised sites in the Internet 15,3 14,3 26,8 32,5 11,3

Specialised exhibitions 10,5 14,0 35,8 31,3 8,5

Actions, presentations 11,8 16,0 33,5 34,0 4,8

Outdoor advertising (bigbordy, sitilajty) 10,0 16,3 29,8 34,5 9,5

To recommendations of acquaintances 0,8 1,3 4,8 32,8 60,3

The grouped estimations of trust to specialised editions and actions for building for parametres: I do not trust; so I trust, so is not present; I trust. The data is presented on the schedule:

Conclusions by results of the block analysis «knowledge of the market».po it is visible to results of the analysis of answers that knowledge of the building and repair market low. At seeming abundance of advertising blocks and announcements in a press, outdoor advertising, the organisation of specialised exhibitions, it is information the market it is not structured and it is not positioned. Townsmen receive the information from mass-media about the market, but they trust information from other people and decisions make, being based on recommendations. On the one hand, the companies spend advertising budgets to involve consumers, and on the other hand (from demand), the consumer does not identify the company on specialisation and trusts recommendations.

As a result it is brightly visible that the building and repair market in a city from the offer has weakness – is information is not positioned, the consumer partially uses mass-media by information search about the market, but trusts recommendations.

The analytics on Vinnitsa researches is prepared by Marketingovo-analytical Group (MAGICIAN) by request of company Bud_velna is glad»

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