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The prices for foodstuff. New records

The cabbage, carrots, potato, beet … – rises in price all!.

Grechka – a delicacy …

Kg grechki for 150 and more roubles!. Products rise in price not only in Russia. In February the world prices for foodstuff have reached a new maximum.

Expensive grechka. The prices for foodstuff break records

One of the reasons – a drought in 2010 year which has covered all northern hemisphere.

The world prices for foodstuff. New records

1,2 billion person on the Earth live below the poverty line!.

Because of a rise in prices for products it is number grows!.

Still the defining reason of expensive products – the high prices for oil.

Following the results of February the price index on the foodstuffs of Fao (the Food and agricultural organization of the United Nations), reflecting monthly dynamics of the prices for a basket of products (grain products, olive cultures, dairy products, meat products, sugar), has on the average made 236 points (+2,2 % in comparison with January, 2011).

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