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The reason of curvature of road – money.

- The road project has executed the Khabarovsk branch of Open Society "u?»O«n«O???", and building cost has appeared above financing volumes which the government agreed, – the professor, the corresponding member of the Russian academy of architecture and building sciences Valentine Anikeev tells. - Khabarovsk citizens unreasonably, in my opinion, have included in structure of road a tunnel in area Sedanki, a platform of huge height over street Sakhalin and have unsuccessfully chosen an overpass alignment through a valley of the First small river.

The professor has listed those city knots which the road and has been urged to split. “The overpass alignment through a valley of the First small river” should replace well familiar vladivostoktsam the Rudnevsky bridge which, tipun to me on language, works while on engineering calculation and its word of honor, but on a today's stream of transport nevertheless isn't calculated. Khabarovsk citizens suggested to make an alignment an arch. “The platform of huge height over street Sakhalin” wouldn't allow transport with Sakhalin to get on new road.

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