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Segments of the market of building on specialisation

» Architecturally-design on specialisation: from the project of a warehouse to projects of inhabited and office buildings;

» The coordination, registration, reception of permissions, introduction in operation, appointment change;

» Working out of engineering communications;

» Working out of projects of an electrical supply;

» Working out of projects of telecommunications and installation (TV, phone, the Internet);

» Interior design working out;

» Working out of design of an exterior and landscape;

» Works on base building;

» Works on building of walls;

» Overlappings;

» Roof;

» External furnish;

» Internal furnish;

» Concrete coupler;

» Floors;

» Installation of windows: wooden, metalloplastikovye;

» Installation of doors: wooden, metal, metalloplastikovye;

» Waterpipe;

» The water drain;

» Heating;

» Gasification;

» Electrification;

» Fences, tile;

» Chinks, wells;

» High-rise works;

» Transport services.

For studying of the market of building and repair from the offer interview to a management of the companies under the structured questionnaire are spent.

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