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Book wars. The electronic book. The reader and the Author. Opinions

When Michael Timofeev has published in the blog sherhaan three articles about electronic books, I could not pass by, because very well I remember the shock which has occurred to me one year ago when friends have written to me that my books have laid out for free downloading. I sometimes re-read that post and councils of my virtual friends – writers, their opinions, a sight at free electronic books. Naturally, I have written my opinion at Mishi, read thoughts of other commentators which as it was found out, actively use free libraries and sites for downloading. There, at Mishi, I have appeared the unique author. Then we with Mishej have agreed that he will write the reflexions, I will publish them at myself, inviting to express the authors entering into a circle of my friends, all to whom this theme can be interesting.

Friends-authors!!! Respond!!! Express your opinion. On the basis of Michael will prepare article, naturally, specifying names of all written opinion on the electronic world of books.

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