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The market of an artificial stone

With 2003 for 2006 the volume of import of an artificial stone has increased almost in 5 times. Its considerable share (to 43 % in 2006) is necessary on production of German manufacturers. From Germany it has been imported about 72 thousand in sq.m. Of an artificial stone (the basic importer — Westag&Getalit; AG (GetaCore), from the USA – about 52 thousand in sq.m. (the greatest share on the account of American concern Du Pont (Corian, Montelli, Zodiaq), import from China and Korea has essentially increased.

For last four years manufacturers of an artificial stone have considerably expanded decorative assortment of production which answers recent trends in the design world. The quantity of made decors is measured by tens. Decors are subdivided into the collections having the names. At each manufacturer they author's. In the Russian market there were preferences, the fashion and decorative "hits". With the greatest the share (about 60 %) in structure of the market of sales is occupied with a decor «a small crumb».

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