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Virtual Machine Moscow Vladivostok Less than a week since I published a draft traffic video for "Moscow - Vladivostok, as it is written on the front (!) Page Rambler. The server has twice fallen from an influx of tens of thousands of visitors. I am shocked and not expecting such popularity. On Monday, publish a post about how to shoot and process video.Similar Posts:
  • Full video road from the highway Moscow Vladivostok was made in September, during our road expedition. In just 22 days of the expedition, and 13,000 kilometers of track was filmed 160 hours of video traffic totaling 650 gigabytes. The video has been processed and combined with GPS-track the whole journey. The result was 7:00
  • When Michael Timofeev has published in the blog sherhaan three articles about electronic books, I could not pass by, because very well I remember the shock which has occurred to me one year ago when friends have written to me that my books have laid out for free downloading. I sometimes re-read that post and
  • Tests in Moscow traffic jams showed more interesting results. If you drive safely at a flow rate, stuck in traffic jams (no matter what at bus stops gasoline engine is shut off, so you can at least several hours to stand still with zero fuel consumption) and absolutely not to worry about fuel economy
  • It should be noted that in the pursuit of a minimum flow rate should also include wind, road surface, air temperature and pressure in the tires. All tests were conducted at a temperature of 5 degrees in the winter studded tires with a pressure of 2.5 atm. The video shows the operation of the system using
  • The prices for habitation in Russia decreased in September only less, than on 1 %, is told in research of National association of budget pricing and cost engineering (NASI). Thus, it is underlined in it, a unique city where the offer prices for a month more or less considerably there was St.-Petersburg – there the habitation

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