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Specific enough picture turns out.

The reader wants to receive only the qualitative literature, cheaply or free of charge, the second variant even is better, without reflecting that nobody will write free of charge good books, and thus the electronic book kills the literature on a root that subsequently will lead to global decrease in mental abilities of a society. It is not necessary to forget and about rates of development of an electronic format, under some forecasts, the future only behind books which are digitized, modified and accessible to a wide range of readers.

Whether there is an exit from a current situation, that both to ours, and yours, lost-free, and on mutually advantageous conditions!? Practice shows that struggle against a piracy is useless, decrease in culture of the reader which in bolshej to a measure is on the party of the free distributor is connected with it, rather than on the party of the author, which product if they are good, will advertise own forces, leaving positive responses of recommendatory character. Anyway, the literature is perceived subjectively, and to tell that is good, and that is bad, it is simply impossible, but it would be interesting to hear opinion from authors.

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