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The hard disk through an adapter, incorporates to the motherboard.

It is necessary to connect both half of case and to twirl screws.

The sizes of the collected system block in comparison with a compact disc box.

That the system block did not take a place on a table, has been decided to suspend it vertically under a table. For this purpose, in addition to regular pear-shaped apertures of the bottom part of the case, the additional loop has been established. In case of horizontal installation of the case on a table, the loop can be removed.

In such kind the system block works more year.

The conclusion

The given design is collected from obsolete accessories. Using motherboards of a format from NVIDIA or Intel, and also hard disks bolshej capacities with interface SATA, it is possible to collect the computer still smaller dimensions and bolshej productivity.

For example, it is possible to use such payments.

Motherboard Intel DG45FC

Motherboard Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

In my case, I repeat, there was a problem quickly and cheaply to collect the second computer for children. Thus the general expenses, not including Zhk-monitor costs, have made about 3000 rbl.

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