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The given group specialises in the market in directions:

» Working out of projects of telecommunications and installation the Internet, TV and a telephony (companies SMARTS, Vinteleport, Datagrup);

» Working out of design of a landscape and granting of services;

» Manufacture, installation of windows;

» Installation of doors;

» Manufacture and installation of fences, tiles;

» Chinks, wells – brigades.

From the third group it is allocated two directions [...]

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The reason of curvature of road – money.

- The road project has executed the Khabarovsk branch of Open Society u?»O«n«O???, and building cost has appeared above financing volumes which the government agreed, – the professor, the corresponding member of the Russian academy of architecture and building sciences Valentine Anikeev tells. Khabarovsk citizens unreasonably, in my opinion, have included in structure of [...]

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Whether will please an eye the former hotel Oriental carpet?

To buy clothes with Tsoy Vot already almost one and a half year, since August 2009, in the centre of Jerusalem, nearby to the Old city hotel Uoldorf-Astoria is under construction. The architect of the project of Ian Bader (Ian Bader) has used the same method fasadizma which was applied at reconstruction of quarter by [...]

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The Moscow authorities push the prices for habitation for Ostozhenka to astronomical heights

Intention of the Moscow authorities enter an interdiction for building of new habitation within the Third transport ring can to lead to washing away from the market of accessible new buildings to sale and a rise in price of elite real estate both on primary, and on secondary the markets to 50 %.

Capital officials consider [...]

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Interior gardening

Internal gardens for inhabitants of apartments are a unique possible source of the present violent greens. Internal gardens are not present in apartment of protagonists of a serial Voroniny. This serial it is possible to look at online on thematic sites. Also it can be downloaded at desire. Voroniny enjoy wide popularity in the Russian [...]

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Then I have pasted a counterbalance to tonarmu.

Cable couplers perfectly approach for time fixing in the necessary position. With the pasted counterbalance the sound became more dense (became more meat). Teper when all works perfectly, it is possible to apply to tonarmu impregnation C37*.

It is possible to change a sound, using various kinds of wood for tonarma and a counterbalance. The initial [...]

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Licensing cancellation as a new stage of development of low building and designing

Since January, 1st, 2010 under the decision of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on change of licensing of services of architecturally-building branch the introduction into the self-adjustable organisations (SRO) comes. For the small and average building companies this innovation bears both positive, and the negative moments. Cancellation of licences in many respects facilitates [...]

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The market of an artificial stone

With 2003 for 2006 the volume of import of an artificial stone has increased almost in 5 times. Its considerable share (to 43 % in 2006) is necessary on production of German manufacturers. From Germany it has been imported about 72 thousand in sq.m. Of an artificial stone (the basic importer — WestagGetalit AG (GetaCore), [...]

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In association of builders of Petersburg there were heads of building branch of Russia and Northern capital

On the basis of SRO NP «Association of builders of SPb» the working meeting with participation of the President of the Russian Union of builders of V.A.Jakovleva, the vice-governor of St.-Petersburg R.E.Filimonova, the chairman of Committee on building of Century on March, 24th has taken place

Petersburg and the Savings Bank of Russia have concluded the [...]

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We wish you solar bright spring,

We wish health and beauty,

We wish you strong successful families,

Healthy children and successful husbands.

We wish spacious apartments and houses,

We wish to lie at sea coast.

To your desires is desirable to come true

And to heart with love to be overflowed.

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