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The market stenovyh building materials on 71 % correlates with the real estate market

According to the results presented in research of the company of RosBusinessConsulting «Market of a ceramic and silicate brick» it is possible to speak about enough strong linear dependence of volumes of realisation stenovyh building materials from input in a system of objects of real estate.

In Novgorod opening of ice arena has taken place

Governor Sergey [...]

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In Malaga on streets leave about 6000 women who have organised the symbolical protest against a cancer of a breast.

In Galicia manifestantki there are on streets under the slogan “We for improvement of quality of life of women!”

(On a photo on the right – active workers of feminist movement exult in honour of acceptance pralamentom the next feministic law. Over their heads – the gesture symbolising feminism.)

The secretary of ruling Socialist party on communications [...]

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Agency. The commission always 10000 roubles.

The request not to call to agents!

One-room apartment on the m. Item Kolomna Zatonnaja д.10 a building 1

Cost 25000 rbl. + 50 percents of pledge.

The commission 10000 rbl.

Room of 20 sq.m. Kitchen of 10 sq.m. The Floor: 1/12

Apartment after face lifting. Kitchen set, home appliances, except the washing machine. Type-setting furniture in a good condition. [...]

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Book wars. The electronic book. The reader and the Author. Opinions

When Michael Timofeev has published in the blog sherhaan three articles about electronic books, I could not pass by, because very well I remember the shock which has occurred to me one year ago when friends have written to me that my books have laid out for free downloading. I sometimes re-read that post and [...]

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Often asked questions on tension ceilings.

Tension ceilings any more arent for a long time a novelty for anybody. But nevertheless it doesnt remove all arising questions. There is a certain set of questions on tension ceilings which are set more often than others.

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Federal roads will cease to be one of the Russian problems

In 2011 Russia will spend for repair and building of lines of federal value of 710 billion roubles

In 2011 the Russian authorities will allocate for repair and building of lines of federal value of 710 billion roubles.

As writes auto.lenta.ru, Alexander Novak has told about it during the Krasnoyarsk economic forum the deputy minister of the [...]

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I hand over rooms (the commission of 50-60 %)

The room on a turn-key basis in r-not VDNH, on Yaroslavl sh surrenders., d. 2, a building 2. A room 18 м2 in 3 room apartment, kitchen 10 м2, 6/12-этажного houses. In apartment good repair. In a room modern furniture, the TV. On kitchen set, the refrigerator. A dignity. Knot separately, the washing car-automatic machine. [...]

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Huge economic benefit gives use of automatic control systems by heating which,

Depending on external factors or following the set program, change capacity of work of a copper. Thereby the effective expenditure of fuel is reached. Buderus offers modular control system Logamatic. Pogodozavisimoe, remote management of heating, programming of various temperature modes at various times days, maintenance of constant temperature indoors – here only a part of [...]

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All furniture brands popular in the world, as a rule, belong to the Italian manufacturers.

Designers of furniture sets from Italy have become famous for the whole world for the original decisions. The Italian furniture was distinguished always by high quality and a faultless combination of secrets of ancient skill and the newest production technologies.

Houses of a thing surrounding us should bear in themselves a positive charge, podpityvaja our vital [...]

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Segments of the market of building on specialisation

» Architecturally-design on specialisation: from the project of a warehouse to projects of inhabited and office buildings;

» The coordination, registration, reception of permissions, introduction in operation, appointment change;

» Working out of engineering communications;

» Working out of projects of an electrical supply;

» Working out of projects of telecommunications and installation (TV, phone, the Internet);

» Interior design [...]

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