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Posted on February 26th, 2011 by admin  |  Comments Off

The reason of curvature of road – money.

- The road project has executed the Khabarovsk branch of Open Society u?»O«n«O???, and building cost has appeared above financing volumes which the government agreed, – the professor, the corresponding member of the Russian academy of architecture and building sciences Valentine Anikeev tells. Khabarovsk citizens unreasonably, in my opinion, have included in structure of [...]

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Interior gardening

Internal gardens for inhabitants of apartments are a unique possible source of the present violent greens. Internal gardens are not present in apartment of protagonists of a serial Voroniny. This serial it is possible to look at online on thematic sites. Also it can be downloaded at desire. Voroniny enjoy wide popularity in the Russian [...]

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Licensing cancellation as a new stage of development of low building and designing

Since January, 1st, 2010 under the decision of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on change of licensing of services of architecturally-building branch the introduction into the self-adjustable organisations (SRO) comes. For the small and average building companies this innovation bears both positive, and the negative moments. Cancellation of licences in many respects facilitates [...]

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The prices for foodstuff. New records

The cabbage, carrots, potato, beet … – rises in price all!.

Grechka – a delicacy …

Kg grechki for 150 and more roubles!. Products rise in price not only in Russia. In February the world prices for foodstuff have reached a new maximum.

Expensive grechka. The prices for foodstuff break records

One of the reasons – a drought in [...]

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Posted on January 9th, 2011 by admin  |  Comments Off

On eliminating defects and to alter poor-quality work,

Today simply there is no time. Therefore, I believe, the history of company Monoblock which as a result have discharged of building DVFU and the Conference centre becomes an example for all other builders, which should reflect what to build objects it is necessary not only quickly, but also is qualitative!”

Evgenie Rogoza, General director FGU [...]

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Section gate, Lvov

Section gate – should protect reliably your property, to be safe and easy in management and to occupy the minimum space in garage. We will give you the modern garage gate possessing all advantages – reliability, convenience of operation and Stylish appearance! Universal: Basic difference of section gate from usual gate that they consist of [...]

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Segments of the market of building on specialisation

» Architecturally-design on specialisation: from the project of a warehouse to projects of inhabited and office buildings;

» The coordination, registration, reception of permissions, introduction in operation, appointment change;

» Working out of engineering communications;

» Working out of projects of an electrical supply;

» Working out of projects of telecommunications and installation (TV, phone, the Internet);

» Interior design [...]

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3-к. Sq. I Will hand over by the day, for the weekend, holidays. 15 minutes from m. Domodedovsky

I will hand over by the day, for the weekend, holidays, for birthday carrying out etc. The second floor of the house.

The house is in settlement Molokovo, 10 km from MKAD on the Domodedovsky line. It is possible to reach on a fixed-route taxi from m. Domodedovsky (time in a way about 20 minutes).

The area [...]

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